Sainsbury’s redevelopment of the iconic former battery factory site in Selly Oak, Birmingham, was one of their largest and most strategically important store development projects in recent years. The newly built store hosted several experimental trial formats over a range of different categories. As a highly trusted national installation provider to Sainsburys, Sigma were appointed to complete the installation work across multiple categories.

The Challenge

This was one of Sainsbury’s most high profile store openings for many years and had been 10 years in the planning. It was to become a pilot for Sainsbury’s new experimental format, featuring elements of a hybrid supermarket and department store. The overall project involved a culmination of numerous new store concepts and trials, all being brought together in one place for the first time.

As the chosen provider, Sigma were tasked with installing many of the new store concepts, within a 4 week period, including:

  • New Wellness hub to position Sainsburys as a comprehensive health food retailer
  • New concept Habitat concession, fully integrated into the main store environment with display room settings
  • Revamped fragrance & beauty sections, highlighting new premium brand displays as part of a wider Beauty Big Bets trial
  • New seasonal display framework, designed to enable rapid changeover of high impact season-specific displays
  • New concept toy store
  • New formats for bakery, produce & BWS categories
  • New Petrol Filling Station gondola installation

Quick Facts

Selly Oak, Birmingham

67,000 sq ft

45 individual HGV deliveries

On-site installation

4 week project duration

14-strong installation team

1,680 man hours

How We Added Value

  • Project management: Close collaboration with the Sainsburys project management team to agree a clear project plan. Full store audit and contingency planning prior to project launch. Daily communication throughout the project and highly responsive installation team planning.
  • Equipment call-off: Full management of equipment call-offs of relevant categories, with full client visibility.
  • Buffer stock management: Additional back-up stocks retained for any critical equipment to eliminate risk, as part of the contingency plan. Residual stock subsequently re-allocated to further trial stores.
  • Supplier orchestration for delivery phasing: Co-ordinating multiple suppliers to ensure equipment availability in line with the project plan.
  • Phased equipment installation: Phasing closely co-ordinated with the installation teams to reduce costs and minimise disruption within a highly dynamic construction environment.
  • Accommodating daily plan changes: The nature of the project involved multiple untested concepts within a single project. Sigma responded to 16 plan changes over a 4 week period, demonstrating a high level of flexibility and rapid reaction capability.
  • Rapid equipment call-off: Sigma co-ordinated all short notice changes to suppliers and ensured seamless supply. In most cases, existing planned deliveries were utilised to eliminate remedial costs.

Our Performance

Adherence to Specification

Quality in exceptions handling

Flexibility to changes

Correct skills supply for job completion

Effectiveness of ordering vs. equipment recycling

Snag-free project delivery

Project Manager - Sainsbury's

...the above scores are absolutely warranted and deserved...