Supporting Lovisa’s global expansion, Sigma appraised and streamlined the store fixture scheme for Far East production, subsequently ensuring seamless supply to over 150 stores per year.

Our role sees our development of all interior equipment and subsequent management of all volume production prior to shipment.

In addition, we support Lovisa’s UK expansion by providing full construction and contract works, including mechanical and electrical services.

Stores across Europe, Africa, the Far East and Australasia
Design development of all interior fixtures
Management of directly procured equipment
Production and quality management

Interior Fixture Development and Supply

With a constant focus on achieving the best possible balance of cost, aesthetic, durability and functionality, we developed Lovisa’s interior fixture scheme to ensure compliance with the legislative requirements of multiple destination countries – including fire-rated variables.

Having sourced low cost economy based production partners for this high-specification joinery, our Shanghai-based team manage all first-offs, as well asĀ  in-line production quality control for all items.

Construction, Mechanical & Electrical

Supporting Lovisa’s growth within the UK, our construction and contracting team provide full fitout services, including all mechanical and electrical systems and services.

Vince Danby
Client Development Manager - Sigma

High-specification volume joinery, refined for global delivery

"Our engagement with Lovisa saw us rise to the challenge of translating their high-specification joinery for global delivery, from the Far East - importantly ensuring shipping efficiencies and eventual ease of assembly on site"
VINCE DANBY, Client Development Manager - Sigma

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