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Fixture Services

Fixture Services Director

Your bespoke fixtures directly managed at source and delivered globally - constantly balancing aesthetics, function and cost

Design Development

Using our 2D and 3D development packages, we continually appraise material, production, shipping efficiencies and installation costs – ensuring your fixtures not only look good but are commercially viable from start to finish.

With our engineering expertise, we ensure our concept visuals are fully translated into practical manufacturing specifications – for prototypes and your volume demands going forward.

Virtual and Physical Proving

We apply a “right first time” approach to prototypes and first-off samples. Our intuitive development software  allows us to virtually prototype and stress test all elements before we commence final prototypes for your approval.

The birth of your new bespoke products requires stringent processes and controls, with fully documented weight testing and sign-off inspections – all shared transparently with you as part of our team.

Global Sourcing Knowledge – Local Experience and Control

Using our extensive network of local and global manufacturing partners, we manage at source, using the most appropriate facilities to bring your fixtures to life.

Continually benchmarking to ensure commercial competitiveness, our dedicated in-region teams ensure that we achieve the most economical rates of production across every material and component, manufactured to agreed standards – always dispatched on time.

Consolidation Services

Supply Chain Director

We manage projects, not pallets - making your assets work for you, not for us.

Equipment Management

We take the pain out of goods co-ordination; managing all of your stores’ GNFR equipment requirements, regardless of volume and source.

Working with your merchandising teams, we plan extensively to minimise waste, optimise availability and ultimately, drive down cost and improve productivity.

Consolidation, Logistics and Storage

Using our industry-leading, innovative equipment management system, we manage your assets holistically, from source to store.

Through optimising transport usage, type and scheduling, we remove cost from your supply chain.

Equipment Appraisal, Refurbishment and Re-use

Why replace fixtures that could still be fit for purpose? Whether you’re moving, closing, opening or remodelling stores, we know how to ensure you maximise best possible value.

Our Equipment redeployment expertise ensures that fixtures can be appraised and where economical to do so, refurbished for re-use, avoiding unnecessary spend and generating ‘free issue’ stock for re-use in store.

Innovative Systems

Uniquely developed through our knowledge and experience gained through successful global fixture delivery projects, our fixture management system is IOS based and provides an online catalogue of all fixtures.

This includes live tailored stock availability reporting and ordering facilities, workload management and order progress tracking.

Transparency and Traceability

Our approach provides total visibility and a full audit trail – all costs are agreed up front; fostering collaboration and partnership and ensuring that efficiencies generated directly benefit your projects.

Our Flexible Approach

All our clients’ needs are different; whether based on equipment type, typical store size or geographical locations. Our solutions are designed to be flexible and scalable, providing you with a future proof solution to evolve with your estate.

Project Services

Projects Director

Our talented teams bring your stores to life, working as an 'invisible contractor' when delivering your needs

Project Planning

From surveying to space planning, using CAD-based design, we plan in detail every aspect of your intended store environment.

Managing supplier lead times, equipment procurement and call-off, we provide complete control, focussing on continuously delivering best efficiencies to keep cost in check at every step of the way.

Project Managment

Working as a close link between our client, their suppliers and their store, our end to end management approach maintains complete control through every phase, with live progress reporting available to all parties involved.


Our experienced implementation teams operate to the highest standards of Health and Safety, often within live, trading environments.

We work carefully to minimise any potential disruption to your stores’ trading with safety at the forefront of everything we do.

Retail Oracle

Developed in-house, bespoke to the nature of our operations, our project management software provides detailed, photographic records and live progress reporting at every stage of the store implementation process.

Each project has a dedicated Sigma Project Manager

Project delivery - on time, on budget, with minimal disruption

Sigma projects vary in complexity, size and scale

We offer a full international service delivered locally

Mechanical and Electrical Services

Operations Director

Our Mechanical & Electrical services create the ambience and energy efficiency within your stores

Design, Surveying and Planning

With continuous focus on the intended look and feel of the store environment, our M&E team focus on the unseen elements:

We plan all aspects of your stores’ electrical infrastructure; from interior and exterior power socket and lighting locations to HVAC systems, data & communications, fire & security systems and signage.

Through our energy efficiency driven mindset, we deliver solutions to minimise ongoing running costs and energy consumption.

Infrastructure Implementation

NIC/EIC, ISO 18001, SafeContractor approved, our engineers have the experience and know-how to ensure that unsightly, yet essential operational elements of the store’s infrastructure remain out of sight and out of harm’s way.

We work to the highest standards of Health and Safety, ensuring that hazardous works within live environments are carried out safely, away from customers and staff, and with minimal possible disruption to stores.


Hardware Procurement & Installation

We ensure that all equipment required meets the correct standards, is the correct specification and is installed by appropriate, qualified electricians.

Maintenance and Technical Support

Ongoing safety, operation and cost are of paramount importance. We provide ongoing technical support, inspection, testing and maintenance services for all portable and fixed appliances, both on a contractual, or ad-hoc basis.

Construction Services

Construction Director

A complete construction service delivered by a professional, experienced team with our clients at the heart of everything we do


From project inception, our in-house design team take control of the early stages of the project life-cycle.

Utilising the latest architectural software, we realise your proposed schemes, ensuring full viability whilst maintaining the original intent.

Our dedicated project management and commercial teams subsequently commence pre-construction process, ensuring accurate programming and certainty of cost

Skills and Trades

Our fully accredited supply chain support our skilled construction teams, offering a tailored and focused service to meet the scope of individual projects. All aspects and specialist services can be provided, ensuring your project is secure in our capable hands

Geographical Coverage

Positioned at the heart of Britain with 24 hour availability, we provide total coverage of the UK and Republic of Ireland

Quality of Service

Our approach ensures our clients enjoy the lowest possible levels of disruption, delivered with the highest possible levels of care

Collaborative Workmanship

From the outset, our approach ensures accurate programmes are delivered, based on realistic, qualified timescales, continually ensuring quality and cost control for all our clients.

We promote a collaborative approach with all our clients, with a focus on continuous improvement, resulting in long terms relationships based on trust and dependability.

We Succeed